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Alex MacDonald

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What was one of your most meaningful experiences?
My first weekend was something very simple but I think it reflects how the rest of time in Europe went. 

Why should Lasell students study abroad?
Lasell is great and Boston is great, but it is small. It is so easy to get comfortable with your life on that campus. Getting away to somewhere completely different for 4 months will give you a whole new purpose. Traveling, experiencing new cultures (food, music, language, fashion, art, architecture, common beliefs and traditions), meeting new people and making friendships, trying new things, traveling on your own, moving in a city without a cell phone plan, budgeting, learning the "ins- outs" of catching a flight and getting to the airport every weekend, I could list forever. After I studying abroad I feel like a brand new person. If you have this opportunity, it is a MUST DO.

What is your number one piece of advice for students studying abroad?
You can never know too many people. Connections and friendships will give you so much while abroad, especially if you don't know anyone like I did. So on day 1, introduce yourself and be sociable, everyone is in the same boat as you and it will be worth it.

What is a typical day in the life when studying abroad?
Wake up. Have a very light breakfast, coffee and croissant, sometimes just a coffee. Take the bus to the Sant Pau campus by Sagrada Familia. Occasionally my art class would meet at a museum or some kind of well known landmark in the city and we'd meet at specific metro stops, it was our responsibility to get to the right spot on time. Either was class would only last an hour and forty. After that I would make my way to the Eixample campus, just a short metro ride. Grab lunch by our campus. Either a bocadillo or falafel and a drink (under 5 euros). Then have class for another hour and forty. After class I would normally go back to my apartment, change clothes and then go for a run. Long distance running is the BEST way to see cool parts of the city that you might not reach on a day to day basis. My favorite places to run were down Diagonal (a massive street in Barcelona that cuts the city in half and runs from mountains to ocean) and Barceloneta (the beach). After this I would go back to my apartment and do work that needed to be done. Clean up, do homework, laundry, maybe even siesta, then cook dinner. Dinner would typically be some time between 8 and 10. After that on a school night we would typically just lay low, maybe watch a movie, or plan up coming weekend trips. Some fun day time activities that I would do on the weekend would be (other than traveling) running, trying new restaurants, playing pick up soccer or volleyball with locals on the beach, hiking, swimming, shopping, etc. That is more or less in a broad sense what my life was like and I miss it a lot.