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Study Abroad

Almost Time!

December 27, 2019


Xin chào!

Departure time is getting closer. In less than a week, we will be on the other side of the globe. Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich heritage. It will be a real adventure. Our last class was December 9, when we went over logistics, concerns, and expectations. Our main activity will be working at the SOS Children's Village in Da Nang. You can read here about the Village.

The Lasell team will be working with the children on English pronunciation. English is now the second language in Vietnam and speaking well will give the children an advantage in the job market. Professor Tran has developed a comprehensive pronunciation guide to assist the Lasell team in planning their activities. Besides instructional time, there will be fun with the children - dancing, arts & crafts, music, games. And more.

We will also be immersed in Vietnamese culture. Eating with chopsticks is essential - or else go hungry! We will be visiting heritage sites such as the Cham Sculpture Museum, the historic village of Hoi An, the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum, and much more. As our adventure unfolds, the students will be blogging, so stay tuned to read their experiences here on this site.

Pictured above. L-R: Seated Kendall Allerton, Xiomin (Betty) Song, Sarah Kline, Professor Anh Tran. Standing: Kerrie Bennett, Gabrielle Miller, Allison Garriepy, Karinna Mekler, Lian Painchaud, Kate Kennedy, Professor Margo Lemieux. Missing from the photo: Veronika Druzhyna.

Tạm biệt