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Study Abroad


December 11, 2018

Vietnam Immersion class

Xin chào!  

Students in ECON207 Vietnam Immersion are preparing for the trip to Da Nang during the winter break. All semester we have been preparing for our adventure by learning about geography, economics, history, dragons, food, and much more. Professor Tran taught us common phrases in the Vietnamese language. Cảm ơn bạn, Professor Tran!  

Here we are on our last day of class. (L-R) Holly Aronhalt, Rachel Carlino, Armani Turner, Kelsey Hoak, Shari-Lee Whyte, Bailee Duquette, Josh Samson, Lily Anderson, Remy Morris, Michael Salem, and Alex MacDonald. Standing: Professors Anh Tran and Margo Lemieux.  

We will be celebrating the arrival of the New Year in the waiting room at Logan Airport, waiting for our flight to Hong Kong. And from there, a flight to Da Nang.  

We will be immersing ourselves in Vietnamese culture and tutoring at the Da Nang SOS Children's Village. The children are eager to practice their English and Professor Anh Tran has prepared an effective curriculum. You can read about the Village here. 

Some of the planned cultural visits will be to the historic village of Hoi An, the Da Nang Fresco Village, the Cham Museum of Sculpture, and students will become experienced eating with chopsticks. If you don't learn to use chopsticks, you will go hungry! Watch for our on-the-spot updates beginning early in January. Tạm biệt!