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A Surprise at the SOS Village & Other Travels

January 09, 2018


Drew posing for student           Drew's birthday    Drew card

The children at the SOS Children's Village planned a surprise celebration for today's blogger, Drew Patrick, who celebrated his twenty-second birthday  in Vietnam. Above, a young artist draws Drew's portrait and his team presents him with a huge birthday card.

Drew Patrick

My name is Drew Patrick a Senior Sport Management Major with a minor in coaching. Going into this trip I honestly didn't know what to expect because I had never been out of the United States before. After being here for about six days now and experiencing what Vietnam is all about I can say it's amazing. The city, the nightlife, and the people are really great and it's incredible the people are always so nice and the sights at night are breathtaking. The food here is really good too and some of it I wouldn't normally try. This trip so far has been such an incredible experience for me and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds. 

On Saturday we finally were able to meet the children at the SOS village in Da Nẵng and give them their first lesson on English pronunciation. After being with them for such a short time these children have blown me away with not only how smart they are but with their knowledge of English. The children really respond to us and look up to us, and not only will it impact their lives but it will impact mine as well. My time here in Vietnam has been amazing and I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the week.


Gaby Varallo  

My name is Gaby Varallo and I'm junior. I'm majoring in criminal justice at Lasell. Sunday was our second day teaching at the SOS village. We were all very excited to be back and see the kids again, especially since we got to see familiar faces from the day before. Although it was only our second day, it was like we've known them forever. In the short amount of time we started to make connections with the kids and they started to open up more. Since the first moment we broke into groups, I had made a new friend. Cindy is the youngest in our group (9 years old) but she speaks English very well. She is very eager to learn and even helps me with my own Vietnamese pronunciation. At the village, we continued to teach the kids pronunciation of "j" and "ch" and even incorporate fun games into the lesson. We started a game of telephone which made the kids laugh. After some more teaching, we had an art contest which we quickly found out that the kids are really good at. Some kids drew portraits of some of the students which came out amazing. It was hard having to wait a day to see the kids again but I'm excited to go back to the village!     

On Monday, we went on an excursion to the Than Tai Mountains. Unlike our first couple of days in Vietnam, today was extremely hot and sunny. To get to the mountains we went on a ride through the countryside of Da Nẵng. Along the way we got to see rice paddy fields and once we got to the hot spring on the mountain we got to enjoy the scenic view. While we were there some of us  joined Professor Lemieux while she sketched and we even did some drawings of our own. 

sketching bananas

Still more days to work at the SOS Village and an upcoming trip to the historic village of Hoi An.