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Team Vietnam: Reporting from the Front Line

January 03, 2017

Team Vietnam arrived yesterday in Da Nang after what seemed like a million years on the plane and a long layover in Hong Kong.

Today we walked around the city and Professor Tran led a hike on the beach where we could see the city from a distance, recover from our trip, and experience the peace that comes from being near the ocean. Tomorrow we are off to SOS Children's Village Da Nang to begin working with the children on English pronunciation.  

Hẹn gặp lại!

Victoria Sferrazza and Emma Witbeck are today's reporters.


Victoria Sferrazza writes:

I'm Victoria, a senior fashion merchandising major and a studio art minor. I am not usually the type to travel outside of my comfort zone, but for my senior year I decided to push myself and travel to Vietnam. Before I came here, I was worried about several different aspects of travel, but I was most concerned about the food. I have discovered, after only being in the country for a day, that I enjoy Vietnamese cuisine! I have tried several new things, including duck and dragon fruit. Even though I didn't like everything that I tried, I am glad to have experienced different foods!

My favorite part of the trip so far was walking on Da Nang beach. I love walking in the sand, looking out on the vast ocean and smelling the sea salt. The biggest struggle I have faced so far is counting the money (since $1 is equal to about 22,000 dong) and fixing my duvet cover in the hotel. It always bunches at the bottom! For the rest of my stay, I am looking forward to meeting the kids at the village, exploring more of the country, and figuring out how duvets actually work.    


Emma Witbeck writes:

I'm Emma, a second year graphic designer traveling on this trip to Vietnam! I would like to say I remember my first moments of the trip, but after an exhausting 35 hours of travel with no sleep, all I remember is falling asleep in bed. When I finally recovered, my first impressions were pleasant. The room I am staying in is kept extremely clean and it is in a hotel with a view of the Song Han River. The food is delicious as well. I would have never thought I would be eating soup for breakfast so regularly! So far my only concern is my interactions with the local people. All people I have interacted with are nice, but I can't understand much they say and vice versa.  

While I am looking forward to all the adventures I'm going to have, a great achievement for me would be learning more about this country's language and dialect. In fact, I want to learn as much as I can from this place. I am ready for these next two weeks, climbing mountains, exploring the city, and of course, learning.

This is the view of View of Bien Dong (East Sea):

View of Bien Dong (East Sea)