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Happy New Year from Da Nang!

January 01, 2016

After some weather-related delays, Team Vietnam finally made it to Da Nang, just in time to celebrate the new year. After leaving the snow and sleet in Boston, it was a shock to encounter 80's as we took a walking tour of Da Nang. Maddie and Sam bought traditional Vietnamese straw hats to keep off the sun.

Straw hats

We spent the first day (besides getting over jet lag) catching up on the cultural aspects of the curriculum. While in the classroom, we studied the Champa culture that inhabited Vietnam over a thousand years ago. Today we visited the Museum of Cham Sculpture, where the world's largest collection of Cham sculpture is housed.

Cham MuseumTeam Lasell outside the Cham Museum

It is a large, quiet, and contemplative site and awe-inspiring to think of the age and beauty of the pieces. Here is Nữ Thần, goddess of fire.

The Goddess

There are over 10 Cham excavation sites located within the city of Da Nang. Later during the trip, we will be visiting My Son, the Lost Kingdom of Champa.

Then we had lunch at a street café that caters to locals, where we had the traditional meal of thịt heo luộc cuốn bánh tráng. It consists of pork, fresh greens, and vegetables, rolled into thin rice wrappers, and dipped in fish sauce. Food is served communal style and everyone sits on low plastic benches. Let's just say Lasell students are not wimps when it comes to culinary bravery. Several of them enhanced the rolls with super fiery hot peppers. Professor Tran and Dee, our experts on the local cuisine, make sure we are getting the authentic local food. Here Raquel has become an expert at making one of the rolls.


Team at lunch

Tomorrow we have our first day at SOS Village and we are looking forward to it.