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Study Abroad

Research and Brainstorming

January 05, 2015

Hanoi City

Today, our fifth day in Hanoi, we returned to Blue Dragon to begin working on our product ideas. We began by hearing three case studies relating to three different kids and taking notes to use in our work. Hearing the stories made the hard situation of street children very real to us. One story in particular was very intense because not only was the child kidnapped and abused, she was then considered an outcast in her community. After the case studies, we took a break for lunch and spent some time eating and talking with the people of Blue Dragon.

Blue DragonAfter lunch, we returned to work and began our research. We each were assigned a part of Vietnam to research and write about. After all of our research is completed, we will combine our work into the map that we are creating. This map will be used as a teaching tool in schools throughout the world to teach geography, social studies, and also to spread the word about Blue Dragon's work throughout Vietnam.

After a hard day's work, we went once again to the lunch room to have "tea with the stars," where we said our introductions, learned some key Vietnamese phrases, and played a game. The game revolved around case studies. Each person was given a card which had a case study. The Lasell students were to read their case and take steps forward and backward when Kim prompted us to do so. This was to break stereotypes. People thought that the kids who had taken steps forward had the best "life" according to their case study, but when everyone read their cards aloud, we learned that this was not true.

Blue Dragon Research

We then watched a video about the first boy that Blue Dragon had ever rescued, and heard the story of Blue Dragon's IT leader. It was a fascinating story that taught each of us something important. He went from living on the streets and doing time in jail to head of IT. He impressed us with his determination to overcome incredible obstacles. He is soon leaving for New Zealand on a full scholarship to attend technical university. We ate cookies and fruit and talked with those around us, and it was a great way to end the day at the Center.