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Study Abroad

Presenting Our Findings to Blue Dragon

January 09, 2015

Presentations at Blue Dragon

Today was the big day. All the work we did over the week was to be presented to the staff of Blue Dragon. We were hurrying to finish our presentations. There was last minute rushing and then all the big important people came in… including Michael the founder. We had heard so much about him, we thought he was a bigger-than-life hero. But he came in, listened to all the presentations, and thanked us afterwards. It was an honor to meet him in person. He is a hero at Blue Dragon (and all over the world) because of his dedication, organization, and vision. We are all so impressed because it is apparent at Blue Dragon that the focus is completely on the individual needs of the children... and the children only. “Whatever it takes,” said Kim, the School Liaison Officer.

The map we were working on included infographics to be used for a future educational page on the website. The group worked in teams of two and each team focused on one area of Vietnam. They prepared slides which included info about poverty, education, trafficking, street life, and rescue. The work to us was more real because we had heard case studies based on all of those issues.

Members of Lasell presenting their research

Each group presented as a team so everyone spoke.

  • Myranda and Chelsea – Education and vocational training sponsorship
  • Yeltiza and Natia - Poverty
  • Suzanne and Freddie - Street stories
  • Christina and Keren - Blue Dragon rescue
  • Julia and Abdul - Forced labor

We didn’t realize in advance exactly how much we were going to get out of this. It was like school work except it was real. And we were able to use our professional skills such as brainstorming, research, fact organizing, graphic design, writing, editing, and speaking. After the presentations, the staff thanked us. But we should be thanking them for the opportunity to learn in real ways about the work of the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. They said it was the first time they had worked like this with a school group and they asked for our feedback on the experience. So not only did we research and prepare infographics, we were pioneers in helping the Blue Dragon to develop a student service learning experience.