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Study Abroad

Immersing Ourselves in Vietnamese Culture

January 06, 2015

Blue Dragon

This morning, we continued to meet Blue Dragon staff, including a Skype visit with staff from Hue. We also saw a video of the street children climbing under the support pylons of Long Bien Bridge taken by one of the outreach workers. It was scary to see these very young people 40 feet above the Red River.

You can see the video here:

Kim talked about our projects saying that when material is presented in storytelling form, it is much more meaningful. Storytelling comes from the heart and we indeed saw that as the stories about kids on the street were presented to us. Especially heart-wrenching was the story of two brothers who, because an impossible home situation, had been sold to two different families. One was adopted and raised as a son. The other was treated as a servant and ran away to the streets. The boys did not see each other for eight years. BD workers finally saw to it they were reunited.

In the afternoon, Lasell students had the opportunity to participate in activities with the Blue Dragon children. Cristina and Keren had been trained in playing Emotional Bingo, a game developed by Dean Bloom’s wife. They met with five of the older Blue Dragon kids to teach them how to play. The game became a way of teaching each other words and resulted in great fun trying to explain emotional expression across the cultures. And the rest of us played ping pong and Uno with the kids.

Blue Dragon Bingo

At night, we increased our knowledge of Vietnamese culture through water puppetry (performed by the oldest performance group of Vietnam) and traditional cuisine from Hue, Vietnam’s former imperial capital.

Ping Pong

Water Puppetry

Vietnamese Cuisine