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Study Abroad

Final Farewell to Blue Dragon

January 10, 2015

Presentations at Blue Dragon

As a final farewell to Blue Dragon we partied with Kim and the kids. There were hugs and tears all around. One of the kids who was especially welcoming to us was Nhung who is a marketing major at the university. She stood up and told us how happy she was at we had come and she said Vietnam loves you. But the best part was when she gave each one of us an origami heart made from small denomination dog. They were very intricate and beautiful. It was hard to part with our new friends.

Vietnam group

The next day we had a tour ending at the world heritage site of Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is a unique geographical formation consisting of over ten thousand limestone and dolomite outcrops in the South China Sea. According to legend, the bay was formed when a gigantic dragon (ha long means descending dragon) plunged into the Gulf of Tonkin and created the inlets by lashing its tail. We have no doubt it is true seeing the unusual formations. In spite of the cold and rainy skies, the trip was awesome. We also visited Dong Thien Cung, a cave of great beauty and mystery.

Vietnam cove

Vietnam limestone

Sunday brought a trip to the Vietnam National Museum of History. Many historical artifacts from various civilizations (found on various parts of Vietnam) were on display. These artifacts range from the prehistoric period to the modern era. We were mesmerized by the deep history of Vietnam.

Vietnam artifact