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Study Abroad

Fact Checking, Editing, and International Teamwork

January 08, 2015

Presentation at Blue Dragon

It’s been a busy week. The Blue Dragon is planning an educational component for the webpage and we are in on the ground floor. The plan is to have a map of Vietnam on the website with active links over each of the locations where the Blue Dragon has a location. The map information will be written using language that would appeal to 10-14 year old English speaking children.

We presented reseach from five locations – with five teams of students. Each team was assigned a topic and a location. So today we fact checked, edited and set up the slides and graphics. Kim, School Liaison Officer, had asked us to take the actual case studies and turn them into narratives – stories – to make the facts more relevant to the young people who would be reading them. International teamwork! The Blue Dragon kids (young adults including several university students) who had been working with us all week helped us to refine our stories. And one lucky Lasell student actually got to interview a Blue Dragon client. We got a firsthand account of how this young woman has had opportunities that would have been impossible without Blue Dragon. She has graduated from the university. We expect to do a presentation at the Spring Connected Learning Symposium. Be sure to watch for it so that you can hear the results of this unique interview!Meeting at Blue Dragon