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Study Abroad

Communicating Through the International Language of Music and Dance

January 07, 2015

Hip Hop at Blue Dragon

Lasell students spent a very intense day working on the Blue Dragon interactive map. Our jobs included research, content building, design, and narrative writing based on case studies. They also had a visit from a member of the Blue Dragon legal team who talked about rescuing children from forced labor. Many of those children are from the rural ethnic minority groups where extreme poverty and lack of education are factors. After the children are rescued, Blue Dragon works to provide both financial and moral support to families.

Dancing at Blue DragonAfter work came one of the liveliest events of the week – hip hop with the Blue Dragon kids. We were all amazed at the talent and energy of the kids in showing off their dancing skills. The Lasell students joined right in. We were especially impressed with Freddie, Myranda, Keren, Suzanne, Christina, Julie, and Professor Tran. All the fun proved that dancing is an international language. And the Blue Dragon kids showed us how determined they are because we learned from the case studies in a general way the extreme poverty experienced by some of them. International and economic boundaries disappeared when confronted with music and rhythm.

Team Vietnam busting a move