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May 26, 2018

School children in TanzaniaWe are now half way through our trip and I am feeling so grateful. Today we got the opportunity to attend a touch rugby tournament, where we cheered on Keke as she filled in on one of the teams. After the tournament we hiked around the Isimila Stone Age site. It was a beautiful, sandy, rocky area with many pillars. It is what I imagine the Grand Canyon to be like, but in Tanzania.

This trip has produced just about every feeling; happy, sad, bittersweet. Every day we spend with the kids I feel more inspired and amazed by them. We are teaching them, but they are also teaching us. We have learned to not take anything for granted, to make the most of any situation, and to always be grateful. I have never seen kids who are so eager to learn. The opportunity to get an education is not easily available to everyone and the kids here show us that with their positive attitudes and readiness to learn. I am beginning to realize just how much we impact their lives and they impact ours. Saying goodbye will be very difficult, but with still a week left I am trying to make every moment count.

In general, everywhere we go we are greeted with a smile and warm welcome. Tanzanians are very genuine. The atmosphere here is just so positive that it is difficult to not feel content no matter what we are doing. In fact, when asked how you are doing (habari), the answer is always good (nzuri). Unless something really bad has happened, and then you can say a little good. It isn't common to see negativity. When I come back I hope to bring with me the positive outlook and attitude the Tanzanians have. It is hard to even put into words how much it means to me to be given the opportunity to be on this trip. We are all loving every second here and can't wait to share all our stories with you.

Love, Taylor