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Study Abroad

Self Esteen Workshop

May 29, 2018

Lasell student teaching in TanzaniaToday our day started around 7am when the breakfast bell rang. We got a filling breakfast of pancakes and yogurt. Around 7:45 we piled into the two vans for the quick drive to the school. We were fortunate enough to teach for an hour in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades today. By noon we were ready to head back to our camp ground for lunch. The amazing staff here cooked us very delicious meat pies. Shortly after this all the women on this trip met for a small pep talk before going back to school for the self esteem workshop.

Once we got to the school we broke up the 7th grade girls in to smaller groups so that we could have smaller discussions. Each group had a translator to help with the language barrier during this very deep conversation. The topics that we covered were what goals female students have for themselves, hygiene, self love, and sex. While we had this conversation we gave every girl string to braid as a grounding activity. We had each of the 7 students share what they want to be when they grow up. The majority of them wanted to be nurses and doctors but we also had a few students who wanted to be a policewoman and a travel agent. This group of girls seemed very educated on how they need to stay in school to complete their goal. Another idea that they were very confident with is the concept of protecting your body. At the end of our discussion we tied the bracelets on each other and left the girls with two messages: if you need support, look for another girl with the same bracelet. Also, you are strong, smart, beautiful, and capable.

Going into this workshop I was very anxious because I wanted to get through to at least one of my students that they have control over their body. While I shared a story with my group of students some of them started to tear up. It was at this point that I realized I accomplished one of my biggest life goals. My goal for many years has been to go to Africa to teach students. While I've been teaching English for the past seven days, I was able to connect to my students in a much different way than I ever thought. I feel beyond privileged and blessed to be able to experience today. Thank you so much to my parents who made this trip possible for me.

Hannah Natowitz