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Study Abroad

Second Day of Teaching

May 22, 2018

Lasell students in TanzaniaMambo!

First off I want to tell my friends and family that I am alive and well!!

Today was our second day of teaching and after two long flights, and a ten hour bus ride we are finally getting used to the culture and the Swahili language. For the past two nights we've had Swahili lessons to teach us words that we need to know for the classroom. These words have helped so much in trying to explain the lesson plans and activities we have for the students. I was pretty nervous coming into this experience since I have no teaching experience but I've been surprised at how quickly I picked it up and have enjoyed it, it must be the teaching genes in my family (thanks mom). Each class we teach we learn how smart these students are and even though they might not speak loud, they definitely know the answers. I can't wait to continue teaching these students and getting to know them.

The place we are staying, Masumbo Lodge, is the cutest (and only) African campground I've seen. We are all staying in huts that are called bandas and mine is located right in front of this zip line that allows you to cross the river. The other morning when my roommate and I woke up we opened the curtains and noticed a ton of monkeys around our banda, one was actually sitting on the window right by my roommates bed!! Later at breakfast we noticed them playing around and in the trees near our banda. I've really enjoyed staying her for the past few days but there are a few things that are difficult to get used to. The first is not having a bathroom in our banda so if you have to go to the bathroom late at night you have to cross a field to get to them on the other side of the campground This is also difficult because at 10 o'clock PM the generator turns off so all the lights do too. You can imagine how terrified I was running across the field on our first night having to go to the bathroom at midnight. Lastly, something that is a little difficult but great at the same time is that everyone here is so nice and so caring. The workers at Masumbo, the Moyers, the teachers at the school and the children all have smiles on their faces and are so happy and welcoming to us.

The days are going by so quickly and I don't want to blink because I feel like the trip will disappear on me. I can already tell that this trip is not only going to change me and my perspective of the world, but also the other students on the trip and how they view the world now.

See you soon!