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Study Abroad

Day Two

May 21, 2018

Lasell students teaching local students in TanzaniaI can not believe that it is only day two of actually being in Tanzania (not traveling) and I feel like I have learned and seen so much. By just driving down the street, to arriving at the camp ground. Africa is truly a beautiful continent with beautiful people.

The Moyer family greeted us with open arms and warm soup. the whole family is great at making us feel like their home is our home, and the land that we are staying on is our comfort zone and a free place to be ourselves. We have, so far, gone hiking, rock climbing, played beach style volley ball and pickle ball (at least I think that is what it is called) in the first day. This first day was so amazing and was a great time to get to know all of the other students on the trip. I have never laughed so hard and felt so connected to people in such a short time than I do with these amazing people.

Swahili is hard. It is a beautiful language but hard. We had an hour class to learn the basics and I am still so lost. Some of us are so good at it and we keep reminding each other that we are here to help the children learn English, not for us to learn Swahili. That has gone a long way in allowing me to not get caught up in the language barrier.

Students working with local children in Tanzania

The children here have smiles that go from ear to ear, and are so eager to learn. It is crazy to me how happy a group of children can act because someone is teaching them. They barley understand us and it does not matter, they still smile and hug us and thank us no matter what.

I can not wait to go back to the school and build relationships with the kids here, and enhance their knowledge in English.