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Study Abroad

A (Not So) Lazy Sunday

May 27, 2018

Lasell students teaching students in TanzaniaA lazy Sunday is actually one of the most exciting things to hear when we asked what we were going to be up to today. This meant we got to do all the exploring we have been itching to get to. Starting out with a late breakfast was great, we had plenty of rest to move into our midmorning climb on the rocks by the river that runs through tour camp. The boys and I ended up crossing the river and finding an old path that we followed down stream a bit to the zip line that runs back and forth across the water.

As we ended that little excursion we came back to the camp that was filled with bunch of the girls in groups enjoying the well trimmed lawn and sunshine. Of course we decided to join them. Some of us were reading, others were listening to music, and the majority of us were just cracking jokes and acting like fools. This lasted a few good hours, until we all felt like the sun was beginning to not be our friend anymore. It was perfect timing, actually, because when we went to go catch some shade we heard the bell ring for lunch.

Team Tanzania

It is just after lunch now and I am sitting here waiting for us to start on our lessons plans for the week so we can get those done and head back to the river for a swim. But before I can end this post I have to say a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom. Hope you're not checking your email on a Sunday and you see this at work tomorrow. I love you and I'll be back before you know it.