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Study Abroad

A Humble Experience

May 24, 2018

Lasell student working with school childrenHabari Zakooooooo!!!!!

I just want to start off by saying ....I'm not coming back to America!

Just kidding, I'm fully enjoying Tanzania! The travel here was not bad at all, it definitely did not feel like a 48 hour travel, which I enjoyed. We stayed in the cutest little vacation destination for the night when we traveled from the airport. B and I shared a room, and were greeted by little lizards. We had a room with two full sized beds and cute little porch area. The morning came, and we had all decided to go for a morning swim in the ocean. I had heard that the view from our room was beautiful, but I was not expecting what I really saw. I woke up, head outside to the most amazing sky I had ever seen. The tranquility of the view was mesmerizing! Beautiful trees from the front of our porch out to the ocean. I had to make sure I took everything in. I took a walk by myself on the beach, with the cold damp sand in between my toes. It felt great. Took an amazing swim because I'm obviously a fish, which my dad would say because I can swim for hours. I was trying to take in the fact that I was swimming in the ocean in AFRICA!!!!!!!

Now that I have been here on Masumbo Lodge and fully experiencing everything, I am extremely humbled. Of course it wouldn't be a trip without getting myself hurt, so I'm just gonna say it know ....the first day I had a gnarly spill on the rocks & had two good gashes on my knee and shin ...BUT I AM OKAY! The people I traveled with and the people here at lodge are amazing . Very peaceful and positive from front to back!!!!

Lasell students work with school childrenNow to the best part. Teaching!! My heart is so full and I am so humbled to be able to give these children an opportunity at better success. There is so much that many of us take for granted. Materialistic things don't even matter when you get to see first hand how unprivileged people truly are. Being able to just show my face everyday at Lundamatwe makes the kids and myself so excited. They are so eager to want to learn from us. They are not learning just anything, they are learning English. I am not a teacher, and teaching for the first time to students whose first language is not English is extremely hard. While I'm trying to learn Swahili to be able to connect with students, as they are learning English to connect with me that in itself is a humbling experience for me. I promised myself I would give my all on this trip-in making sure that I make connections, help, learn and grow in every aspect with the children. It feels so amazing to have these children scream "Keke, Keke" every time they see me, from every way possible inside and outside the class room from kids I have been teaching and other children that I know nothing about. My emotions are so high in the best way possible. I can't say it enough that my heart is so truly full from this experience. There is no feeling like it EVER! It feels amazing to see how much of an impact our group has made already.