Study Abroad

Most Popular Kid on the Playground

May 25, 2017


Hello everyone stateside, from your favorite group of volunteer teachers 5,000+ miles away, hope this message finds you well.  Today we ventured to the school for our second full day teaching all four classes. Our day started with our first lesson at 9:30, a little later than what we're used to, but for us tired teachers this wasn't too hard to take.

For a group made up of mostly inexperienced teachers, everyone seems to be settling into their role very well. Personally, I'm starting to realize just how rewarding it is to teach kids. Coming into this, I had next to no experience with children, let alone teaching. But after arriving the first day, I could tell I was going to like it. Right away seeing how the children swarmed us just to get our attention and get 

high fives warmed my heart.  In the classroom the children scream in excitement when we walk in and proudly shout back "poa!!" when I shout "mambo!!"

On the soccer field I've been trying to show the boys how exciting it is to try and score rather than just kicking the ball wildly. While there's still a lot of handballs and unnecessary punts, I love celebrating with them whenever there's a goal as much as they enjoy celebrating with me. Plus, I'm happy to go one on one with whichever student decides to step up.

All in all, I'm finding my experience to be just as rewarding as everyone told me it would be. I love going to the school and seeing how happy the students get seeing us, as well as being the self-proclaimed "most popular kid on the playground" playing soccer with all of my boys at recess. Not too bad for an inexperienced teacher.