Study Abroad

Deep Thoughts

May 21, 2017

Reading during recessWe are finally here and teaching, the students are amazing.  They are so intelligent and value education so much it makes my heart so full. On Thursday we taught all grades besides seventh grade because they have exams coming up. However, we taught the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. All the students have such different personalities, strengths and weakness. But they are so much smarter then what a lot of us were expecting. Mallorie and I have the students read the books we have in all grades by themselves! We help them on words they get stuck on but it's so amazing. This experience has already made such an impact on me such as my views, how I think about myself, and what I can try to bring back to the USA.

The first day I was overwhelmed with excitement and I have been every single day so far. However, I started to observe a lot more. My emotions took over a couple of times, but I did not want the kids to see so I held back. I started noticing how the kids shoes are either about to rip, or already have holes in them. Their clothing and bags have rips as well. But at recess I played ball with a couple of the girls who made the ball out of sand, a plastic bag, and a stick that could be used as a string. Although this made me think of all the softballs I've lost in the woods and couldn't have cared less to get, and how I should have been more appreciative of being able to have more then one ball; but these girls were so creative and innovative they thought of a way to make their own ball!

Throughout this recess, I spent time with the other girls playing netball, and although I still don't know exactly what I'm suppose to do, the excitement they have playing the game is amazing. I then also noticed a little boy all by himself watching his friends play soccer. He was unable to play soccer because his legs were not mobile and he was in a wheelchair that is a lot different then what we see in the USA. It absolutely broke my heart to see this, so Alex and I went over to him to read a book. Once we began reading to him all of his classmates came over and started conversing with him and us, I happy cried to myself.

Today impacted me in a few hours more then I could ever imagine. I can not wait to continue this experience and learn so much from this culture. I stated several times how my heart broke so many times, but it also made me realize do the children I encounter think they don't have a lot, like their shoes or clothes? Or are they extremely grateful for what they have? This thought has made me rethink a lot about my life the past few days.