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Study Abroad

Pulling weeds out of the ground while carrying a baby on her back

May 22, 2019

Making Stoves

Today like everyday has been so far was amazing. Going into the trip I was nervous because it is my first time out of the country. I've had so many firsts while I've been here and today was a record breaking day. My favorite first experience was on our way to build a greenhouse at a school we got to ride horses down the road. Being on the back of such a beautiful animal with the sun beating down staring at the beautiful area was amazing. When we got to the school we worked alongside members of the community to clear the area for the greenhouse. One woman was pulling weeds out of the ground while carrying a baby on her back. Not once did she ask for help or stop to take a break. Seeing her hard at work was inspiring and made me push harder throughout my day. While we are only a couple of days into our journey seeing how hardworking the people here are I can't wait to work alongside them more and dive farther into the experience.