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Long drives make great memories

May 20, 2019

Making Stoves

It has been a week since we arrived in Quito, open-minded and ready to work. Today we went to build an efficient stove and a greenhouse for the school. The greenhouse is now sitting nicely on a hill next to the principal Marcia's house and the efficient stove is a new addition in the school's cafeteria/cooking room. This was the fourth place we've built stoves and greenhouses, and I am proud to be on the stove team.

 It's always interesting every time we go to a new site because we are led to a location and have to work with the conditions or limited materials. Unlike the other three times we've built stoves, today was a new challenge because we were building off of an already existing stove in the room. We didn't have a level for the first three layers, had only one scraper tool between the eight of us, and had to mix cement in a huge metal bucket with our hands or a shovel head. It's been great getting my hands dirty and connecting with my group members, making jokes and learning how each member reacts to things. I'm very excited to finish the stove tomorrow and give the school something they can use for a long time. The kids were so sweet and very friendly! They pulled us into their classrooms to see what they were working on and we played soccer with them in the courtyard. They also helped us gather stones for the stove which was such a huge help. (School) was my favorite site we've worked at thus far, and I can't wait to continue to make stoves the rest of this week!