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Study Abroad

Brick by Brick

May 15, 2019

Today our task was to head into town and help make bricks for a local construction company. After breakfast, we set off on bikes to the mason´s house. We road for 6 miles on a rough terrain, but it was all worth it because of the beautiful surroundings and great conversations. We as a group held our own and kept an eye on each other to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves and staying hydrated. Once we made it to the location in town, we took a minute to catch our breath and to meet the family we were serving. After our introductions, we immediately got to work and broke off into groups. One group was helping relocate bricks to the road for purchase and the other group started to help making the bricks.

The group relocating bricks made a human chain and we passed brick after brick and made nice piles by the road. The second group that was making bricks had a harder job to perform. Some people were shoveling clay into wheel barrels and the others would use that clay to fill the brick molds. Among all this important work, a beautiful family and positive energy surrounded us. Afterwards, we biked to a location down the road to pick a sliced pieces of a tree that one of our leaders named Xaiver, had purchased for another job we will doing another day. After this brief excursion, we headed back to our hostel El Sinche. This day was not only meaningful to all who we have served but also we as group bonded with laughs and made many memories to remember.