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Study Abroad

A Day Off

May 23, 2019

Day Off

oday we had a day off in Baños where we planned for fun excursions! We woke up and had our breakfast in the restaurant in our hostel. Afterwards we headed off in a tour bus to start off our day. The tour bus had some fun music and lights and it was open so that we could all enjoy the beautiful vistas as we drove up into the mountain called la casa del árbol surrounding Baños. The first stop on the bus was called The Swing at the End of the World. This was a "muy cool" experience!! We all got turns swinging from a tree house on the top of the mountain. There were some other zip line and swing stations at this site. The best part was it was only $1 to enter! After the swing rides we headed back onto the tour bus and navigated our way to a few overlooks onto the city of Baños. It was truly magical seeing the city from a lookout point amidst the foggy clouds. On we went to a zip line attraction. Everyone got the chance to zip line across one mountain range to the next.

This was definitely an adrenaline filled experience. Afterwards we headed to a gondola ride where we all packed into to enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountain ranges and waterfall. We headed back onto the tour bus and made our final stop at the Pailon Del Diablo waterfall. We took a steep hike down to get to the waterfall. Once we got closer, we couldn't believe our eyes. This natural waterfall was so surreal, it was such a beautiful sight. Pictures and videos cannot even justify the experience. There were multiple viewing points to see the waterfall up close. Water was splashing in the air causing rain to fall onto us. We traveled through a pathway of rock that felt like a cave in order to get the best views of this waterfall. I will for sure never forget this waterfall site. Afterwards we headed off to see a panoramic view of the waterfall and surrounding mountains.

We crossed over a suspension bridge to take in the beautiful view before heading off to the restaurant on the mountain for lunch. We enjoyed a delicious lunch before heading back onto the bus back to our hostel. We arrived back to the hostel and were given over 2 hours to shop and hangout in the downtown strip of Baños. Many of us purchased some handcrafted souvenirs to bring home. Afterwards we met back up and got back on our bus to head to our next destination of the El Sinche farm. Stay tuned for more!