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Study Abroad

2019 Ecuador Service Trip

May 14, 2019

Day 1!

Today, we experienced our first full day in Ecuador! We experienced a variety of fresh, new foods that all came from the farm we´re staying on. We started our day being split into two groups and then being assigned to build a greenhouse and build a brick oven for the farm. Both of these projects took strength, determination, and impeccable teamwork. We carried heavy wood, rolls of plastic, metal linings, and tools all the way to the end of a section of the farm. We measured the length and width of our greenhouse and then cleared the area of all plants and weeds before putting polls in each corner that would hold the metal lining that the plastic would sit on. For some of us, it was our first time doing yardwork or construction and using these tools. Personally, I really liked getting in the dirt and building something from scratch. I felt so accomplished and proud that I could be a part of something that will improve the lives of the people living on this farm.

The people we´ve met here are friendly, welcoming, and are happy that we are here. I feel appreciated here and have a goal to show my appreciation for this culture as much as I can. It was meaningful to be able to give back to the farm that is hosting us in ways that we could never do if we weren´t in another country. By doing this trip, we are living the lives of the Sinche and experiencing what it means to be like them. We end our days with dinner, tea, and a group reflection. I value reflecting with my friends here because it allows me to relate to how they felt throughout the day and also give me new insights about things I may have missed. I´m having the time of my life here and it´s only been one day.