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Vamos a El Sinche

May 28, 2018

Lasell students in EcuadorThis morning we went back in the daylight to look at our finish products and visit the families we helped once more for pictures and goodbyes. The families were grateful, and gave hugs to everyone, clearly excited to begin using their new kitchens. We were leaving Angamarca that morning, so we packed all of our belongings into the bus again and headed out to visit a sugar can factory. I think everyone was a little bit tired today, because voices were quiet while we hiked down the mountains to visit first, the old fashioned factory that used horses to run the machines that pressed the sugar cane, and quiet again as we trekked up steep, muddy hills to the newer factory that used machines. We helped the workers collect sugar cane, and were shown how after the sugar cane is pressed it is cleaned and boiled and turned into tequila. The workers made us a famous desert often eaten at the factories, of bananas broiled in the thick sugary substance, sliced in half with cheese added to melt inside. Because of pressed time (the drive to El Sinche was several hours long) we headed back up the mountain to the families house for lunch. They prepared a lot of food for us, and kept expressing their gratitude of our coming to see what their work was like. We received hugs and goodbyes, and more words of gratefulness, before getting back on the bus for the long ride to El Sinche.

Driving in this area can be a bit confusing, because all of the roads are dirt roads carved into the sides of the mountain. So, if by chance you take a wrong turn, it's not really possible to turn around until you hit a village or town, which could be an hour or so out. Even though the ride was very long, we passed the time enjoying each other's company, and you guessed it, playing more Uno.

Lasell students in Ecuador
Lasell students in Ecuador
Lasell students in Ecuador

When we finally arrived at El Sinche, we settled in to yet another beautiful home, which is more reflective of the expansiveness of the first house in Pachamama, and ate a dinner of spaghetti and finally were able to access internet for the first time during this trip. The night is calm, and relatively uneventful. I think everyone is tired and ready to begin our next project tomorrow.