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One more day in Angamarca

May 27, 2018

Lasell students in EcuadorToday we went to a local market. By local, of course I mean that we took an hour and a half hike through the mountains to reach a neighboring village. The market was sort of like a farmers market, with a majority of the stalls containing fresh fruit and veggies from all the surrounding farms. There was also several vendors selling clothing and supplies for everyday life. We collected money from our group and put it towards buying supplies for community members who may not otherwise be able to obtain or afford them, and later handed them out outside of our house.

Unfortunately, the weather turned after lunch, and when we returned to working on the stoves the rain started. I think the cosmetic appearance of our stove was definitely much messier than we intended because the rain ended up spreading the mud everywhere. However, both teams finished their stoves under the light of cell phone flashlights andLasell students in Ecuador the drizzle of rain. Students, exhausted and dirty, returned to the house for dinner, a special Venezuelan dish that students helped prepare with two of the workers who have been with us for the entirety of the trip.

Despite all the hard work and how tired we were, we played cards again with the two workers until late into the night. I think one of the most important parts of this trip has been these friendships, and these experiences as simple as playing Uno (so much Uno) and being able to laugh together, and learn from each other, despite language barriers and cultural differences.

Team Ecuador