Study Abroad

We leave today!

May 21, 2014

We are leaving today for our week-long service-learning trip to Belize!

While touring the country on along the northeastern coast of Central America, we will be staying at various campsites, many without electricity, using outhouses, and taking cold showers.

In addition to working on research projects for their Ecotourism class, students will be taking part in many activities during the week, including volunteering at various environmental locations for both non-profit and government organizations.

At the Belize Zoo, students will be learning about endangered species and helping to create signage while preserving flora and fauna. They will be building benches and other eco-friendly tourist infrastructures along trails through the preserved rainforests, and working on trail creation at the Cockscomb Bay Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Reserve. At the Tobacco Caye Marine Station, the group will be taking part in both beach and coral reef cleanup. They will also be taking classes where they will be learning about coral reefs and climate change as well as how marine life is threatened by tourism.

Upon their return, students hope to have a greater understanding of the tourism industry and its impacts on our environment. This will also be an opportunity for them to work within different cultures while having a positive impact on a community in a new environment.