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Study Abroad

Responsivity to Needs

January 16, 2020

Throughout our experiences within the classrooms in Antigua, it became evident that there are a variety of different needs that the students require in order to be successful. One need, specifically, would be focusing on the transition from teacher-directed instruction to student-generated responses.

Through collaboration with our teachers, we are beginning to implement instructions that allow students to foster their own ideas and heighten their independence. This is beneficial as it helps the students enhance and increase their own creativity and the application of the knowledge that they have learned within the classroom.

Additionally, the conceptual understanding of what is being taught varies from student to student. There are multiple approaches that come with understanding and applying knowledge within the classroom and one approach may not work for every individual student. It is imperitive that there are multiple methods in which one overarching concept can be achieved.

Going forward, allowing students to share their own thinking amongst other students and teachers will assist with ensuring that each thought process can be understood and beneficial to achieving their educational tasks.

Lasell student teacher with third graders

Kyla Bragg reading with third-grade students during independent reading