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Study Abroad

First Day of School

January 14, 2020

Hey everyone! Today was our first day of school at T.N. Kirnon. When we arrived at the school, a lot of the students welcomed us with hugs and high fives.

Before the school day started, all the students gathered outside for their morning prayers. It was really warming to see the school spirit and camaraderie of the students and teachers.

After morning prayers, all the students went into their classroom to start the school day. After our first day at T.N. Kirnon, we noticed that there were many aspects of school that were new to us!

A main difference between school systems in the United States and schools in Antigua is the pace. The U.S. has very strict and structured schedule throughout the day. Whereas, Antigua does have a planned out agenda for the day but it is not strictly followed. It is much more laid back, which took some getting used to. We have talked often about the different pace of life here compared to the U.S., we even joked a few times about being on "island time".

Another aspect of school in Antigua that we found interesting was that we noticed that they teach Spanish at a young age. At T.N. Kirnon they start teaching students Spanish at the kindergarten level. In the United States students usually learn Spanish during middle school. We sat with our kindergarten class during Spanish, and it was really cool to see the students knowing simple Spanish phrases at such young age.

Overall we had a great first day! The students and teachers were great and we will continue to collaborate with everyone at school.

Students at T.N. Kirnon enjoying the sun during activity time

Students at T.N. Kirnon enjoying the sun during activity time.