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Study Abroad

Breaking Down Barriers

January 13, 2020

Chalkboard sign says Anchorage Inn welcomes Lasell University

We have all arrived to Antigua safely after a long day of travel. Now that we are finally in Antigua, we are so grateful for all of the cultural education preparation we worked on over the course of the semester. We really took the time to educate ourselves on their culture but also famous sites and historical landmarks on the island. On our way to dinner we drove past Saint John Cathedral, one of the historical landmarks we talked about in class. Everyone got so excited when we saw it, and we all began listing off the facts we could remember about it from class. 

Over the past 2 days we have been discussing some of the similarities and differences we have noticed since arriving. We were pleasantly surprised by how similar the grocery stores were set up and stocked with the comfort foods we see at home. One of the greatest differences we have noticed is how easy going and relaxed everyone is here. Not only was the grocery store familiar, but everyone was shopping with such leisure and content. We have learned "island time" is real, and we are excited to adapt to it.