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Study Abroad


January 09, 2019

Today's theme was responsivity to needs. The needs of the school, teachers and students of the students of TN Kirnon is supplies and importance of educational materials. Using the supplies we have brought we want to foster the continued use of those supplies long after we have left. This is because the value in supplemental learning tools can greatly impact the learning experience of students and teachers.

Students in classroom

In Kindergarten, Mindy and James brought in white boards for the students to use in their lessons. They began by using the boards to write their names to practice their writing skills. By using the whiteboards in class Mindy and James model to the students exactly what they were looking for to the teachers. The next day, the whiteboards were organized for distribution in buckets to be brought to each table. What this means is that even our teacher Miss Henry identified the benefit in using these tools with the students.

Another focus in our efforts with TN Kirnon is sustainable education. We want to bring new methods and resources to students that will be used continuously after we are gone. In doings so we are bringing the teachers and students at TN Kirnon more tools to promote learning and grow. It is easy to share resources and leave but teaching the use of those materials and practices are pivotal in the development in student learning.

Students in classroom 

Overall, it is important to keep this in mind as we continue in our journey at TN Kirnon the importance in being able to respond to the needs presented to us. Each day is filled with learning and experience that will be continuously used in our future in education.

Students in Classroom