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Study Abroad

Looking Ahead

December 03, 2018

            This fall semester we have been very busy preparing to collaborate with the teachers in Antigua from January 5-13! This is the fifth year that students and professors from Lasell College are planning to go Antigua. We are looking forward to continuing to build relationships and to collaborate even further with our partners. This year we have four different sites that we will be teaching at. We have two students working with Amber Webson, an early intervention specialist and Lasell alumni, two students at the Adele School for children with special needs, one student at the Unit for the Deaf, and 7 students who will be going to T.N Kirnon, an urban inclusive public school. The Adele School and the Unit for the Deaf are two new partners whom we are very eager to be working with.

Our semester started off with talking about what ethical service learning is and how we can deepen our relationships with our local Antigua partners. We then met with some of our shoulder-to-shoulder partners and learned about the culture in Antigua. We are now working and connecting with our teaching partners to create lessons and activities to put in our toolboxes. These toolboxes will help us to be prepared and ready for teaching in Antigua. We have also gathered hundreds of books, supplies, and manipulatives to bring to our teaching partners. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation or contribution! We all are very excited to meet the students and the teachers in Antigua!

Team Antigua 2019