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Study Abroad

First Day in Class

January 07, 2019

Today was our first day in the classrooms and our classmates and us were placed in four different types of schooling systems. Most of our class was placed at the TN Kirnon School which is a primary school on the island. Some students were placed at the Adele School for Children with Special Needs. Two other classmates were placed at the Special Assessment Unit. And lastly, a classmate who is fluent in sign language, was placed at the Unit for the Deaf. 

There were a variety of different aspects of the classroom that related back to culture shock. One thing that stood out to us was the discipline that is present in the classroom compared to in America. While being in the 6th grade social studies class at TN Kirnon, we were able to see the students preparing for their exam that all 6th graders must take to be placed in the appropriate 7th grade classrooms. My teacher was using a calm voice while instructing them at first, but when it got to the exam talk she emphasized and used a much stricter tone in her voice. The students listened tentatively and were getting a good understanding of how serious the exam is.

We also were shocked with the timing structure of classes. Each class would have a schedule to follow yet they would overlap a lot of subjects. This way the teacher was making sure the students had the adequate amount of time to finish up in certain subject areas. Although there were set times for certain activities to start and end, the lesson wasn't over until all of the material was covered. 

Moving forward, there are adjustments that need to be made for lessons in order to accommodate the needs of the students and the structure of the classroom. We are all eager to get back into the classroom and continue collaborating with the students and teachers.

Lasell students teaching in Antigua
Lasell students teaching in Antigua
Lasell students teaching in Antigua