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Study Abroad

Building Relationships

January 08, 2019

Hey Everybody!

Today we focused on building relationships, where we discussed about the interactions between us, our teacher, and the students. 

Just to start off, we'll talk about how we have gotten to work with the kids so far this week. When we first came to the school, the children were more closed off. We could tell that during lessons the kids were holding back from interacting normally, but we knew that they would loosen up as soon as they got more comfortable with us.

As predicted, by the end of the first day we already had kids talking and wanting to learn from us. A major part of them getting to be comfortable with us came with us being comfortable in the classroom. We obviously had first day jitters, but that all went away once we saw how welcoming and open this classroom is. 

Lasell students with TN Kirnon students
Lasell students with TN Kirnon students
Lasell students with TN Kirnon students

The children are all very well behaved and caring around us. They REALLY like to give hugs and to play games with us in any free time during breaks and recess. They are very respectable, and they recognize the authority of teachers. We acknowledge that we are new people that look different, so they are treating us more special than they typically would with others. These kids are so sweet and make our time here so memorable. We both feel so lucky to have this opportunity to teach these kids, as they are teaching us just as much as we are teaching them.

We have also had a great time working with our teacher and getting to know her. She is very flexible and is open to our ideas and lessons. She encourages us to teach as much as we want and take as much time as we need for our lessons and activities. This is different compared to the U.S because the schedule here is much more flexible. Her presence in the classroom is very engaging and warm. This has made us feel comfortable and welcome in the classroom. We have great conversations about the lessons we are planning to teach and can bounce ideas back and forth. This has really helped us get the most out of our lessons and build the relationship that we have with her.

It is obvious that our teacher wants the best for her students. She finds creative and engaging ways to teach lessons, which is something we have seen in the U.S as well. This is not only exciting for the students, but also for us. She supports and nurtures relationships with the students by making the lessons interactive. She finds it important to always include manipulatives and hands on activities. Our teacher also works and communicates with the art teacher. She says that they plan things to do with the students outside of the art class, which demonstrates just how much she is willing to provide a unique experience. 

We are very excited to keep building relationships with the students and teachers at T.N Kirnon throughout the week!