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Study Abroad

Breaking Down Barriers

January 06, 2019

We all had safe flights to Antigua yesterday and a very easy time falling asleep later that night. Today was our first full day admiring the beauty of Antigua. In the morning we talked about how we can break down barriers with our partners, any assumptions we have, and our worries about teaching and how we can overcome them. Some of those barriers are how we perceive a different culture than our own, how we are perceived ourselves and how we can effectively apply this knowledge in the future. 

On our first full day in Antigua, we took off exploring. Some of us took a tropical turn and went to the beach, others fed their shopping addictions and went downtown to St. John's to buy souvenirs for their family and friends. It was very impacting to see the city and engage with native Antiguans. Having this opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture was a great way to familiarize ourselves with the country itself. Especially when adjusting to the differences in culture between Antigua and the United States.

sunset in antigua

After the fulfilling day we came together and ventured out to Shirley's Heights, a local attraction that has the best sunsets. There were many things to enjoy, from a breath taking view to live music and to delicious food on the grill. Overall our day was full of relaxing and spending time together. We all are very excited about our first day of teaching tomorrow and what the rest of Antigua has in store for us. 

students at the beach