Study Abroad

Professional Collaboration

January 12, 2018

Team Antigua giving workshopToday was our fourth day teaching at T.N. Kirnon. Our goal for today was to observe and promote professional collaborative relationships among ourselves and among the teachers. We were all able to teach successful lessons throughout the morning. Students had a half day so we spent the rest of our afternoon hosting a teacher training for all of the teachers at the school. We created three groups with three different topics that teachers rotated through. One group focused on supports for special needs students and creating an inclusive classroom. Another group focused on the foundations of literacy instruction and the a gradual release model of teaching as well as promoting collaborative groups within the classroom. Lastly, we had a group that had teachers participate in an interactive model to explain how they could incorporate effective group work in their classrooms. After dinner we held a parent workshop where we worked with parents and their children to educate on the benefits of reading with their children at home and helping to create balance in the lives of children with special needs. We had a great day and are going to be sad to leave our students tomorrow!

Lasell students teaching students at T.N. Kirnon Primary