Study Abroad

Preparing for Antigua

December 18, 2017

Team Antigua packing books and suppliesThe semester may be over for the rest of Lasell students, but for the students partaking in the project at T.N. Kirnon Primary school in Antigua the work has just begun! Our last class of the semester had us packing the hundreds of books and classroom materials that were donated to be brought down with us when we leave in January into our suitcases! Thank you to all of our friends, family, colleagues, and local organizations who helped us with the collection process, we couldn’t have done it without you!

As we are preparing to travel down to the Antigua, we are continuing to make progress on our toolkits that will contain lessons and resources that we will use once we begin teaching at T.N. Kirnon. This is the fourth year that Lasell students have been working with T.N. Kirnon. As a result Professor Hartmann and Lasell College have developed a relationship with the Antiguan teachers and community partners that has allowed us to make progress each time students travel to the island. This year we were able to assign two students to work with Amber, a Lasell graduate who works in Early Intervention on the island. We also hope to continue our work in promoting literacy and literacy instruction with the help of Professor Maynard. We will also continue our work around inclusion and differentiating instruction so that all students are able to learn in the classroom. We are also implementing a different type of reflection process throughout our work that emphasizes ethical service learning and our impact as students working in another country.

We are very excited to travel to the island and we cannot wait to meet the students and work with the teachers and our partners on the island!

Team Antigua packing books and supplies