Study Abroad

Our Last Day on the Island

January 14, 2018

After an incredible week teaching and working with the staff and students at T.N. Kirnon, we have had to shift our viewpoint from one community to another one. Walking around St. John's today, we were surrounded by tourists and were viewed as tourists. After being a part of such an incredible community for the past week, the term tourist didn't seem to fit our purpose on the island. Surrounded by huge cruise ships, the streets of St. John's were flooded with people who felt that they were getting a piece of the Antiguan culture by getting to stop on the island for a few days. Culture is much more than the surface viewpoint of tourism. Often, people come on vacations and tour different places but they are truly missing the culture of the people of the places they are visiting. They do not get to see past the cruise ships and shopping ports. They do not get the opportunity to experience what we have experienced this past week working at T.N. Kirnon.

We have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be fully accepted and emerged into a culture. Teaching and working with the students completely transformed our viewpoints on what tourism and culture is and we will be taking a piece of each person we have met home with us and we are extremely thankful for the opportunity and life long memories that this island has given us.

Team Antigua's Last Day