Study Abroad

Forming Relationships and Behavior Management

January 11, 2018

Lasell students teaching students at T.N. Kirnon PrimaryThis week in Antigua has been extremely eye opening and so exciting. We are slowly unpacking all of our supplies that we have been able to bring to Antigua. The excitement on the children’s faces as we unpack and the opportunities for them to use these materials is what makes this experience so special. There has been a lot of success within implementing new behavior management and classroom structure. Particularly in first grade, we have implemented hand clapping to gain the children’s attention before speaking and also implemented a lot of hand raising and waiting to be called on before speaking. As for behavior management we have learned a lot from our host teacher Ms. Mills. She uses the technique of songs and dances to help the students get their energy out to help them focus. Being able to form relationships with the students and having the opportunity to play with them during their break time and recess makes it easier to understand the way that they learn. They love doing group activities and engaging in read alouds during class almost as much as we love teaching and being with them.