Study Abroad

Culture Shock & Arriving in Antigua

January 09, 2018

Outside T.N. Kirnon PrimaryOn Saturday we arrived safely to the beautiful island of Antigua and then enjoyed a very relaxing and fun day off on Sunday. We got to enjoy all that the island has to offer: the sun, the sand, and of course the ocean! Today, we arrived at T. N. Kirnon Primary School for our first day of teaching. We were greeted by the bright, smiling faces of elementary school students and were bombarded with hugs and questions. The students were so excited to have us there, which made us even more excited to get into their classrooms and start teaching. While the classrooms may have been different than what we are accustomed to, this is a new experience that we are all excited to be a part of. We are all looking forward to offering ideas to the teachers and demonstrating some new teaching styles that they may be able to incorporate into their classrooms. We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week brings, and we plan on keeping you updated throughout the week with stories from our teaching experiences!

Students outside T.N. Kirnon Primary