Study Abroad

Building Relationships

January 10, 2018

Outside T.N. Kirnon PrimaryToday was our second day working with Amber Webson, the early intervention specialist on the island. We have talked to Amber prior to this service trip with video calls and emails in order to prepare for this week. Aside from preparing, we built a foundation for a relationship with her for when we arrived. Yesterday we visited eight preschools and today we visited six. In between the sessions, we travel from school to school in Amber’s car. This allows us to create a strong connection with her both personally and professionally. As we spend time with different children everyday with varying needs, the short time one on one we spend with each of them allows us to get to understand the child. We have developed many relationships by interacting and assessing children in preschools from all across the island. We cannot wait to continue building our connection with Amber and more children!

Lasell students teaching students at T.N. Kirnon Primary