Study Abroad

Teaching Success

January 13, 2017

Today was our first day of teaching at T.N. Kirnon School in Antigua! We had breakfast at 7:45am and left for school at 8:45am. We arrived at TNK right as the bell rang and immediately we could tell that the kids were very excited to have us there. We were all greeted with smiles, waves and hugs from kids of all ages!

We were all set to our grade level immediately where we saw our students take part in Morning Announcements. Their Morning Announcements include song, prayer and any news for the day.

We all enjoyed our first day in the classroom! The teachers were so kind and happy to have the help and the students were so interested in why we were there and where we were from. We all got to teach a lesson in our classrooms and it was very successful!

After school, we went on a tour of the island with some teachers from TNK. Our first stop was Nelson's Dockyard, a local spot were people from all over can dock their boats. Nelson's Dockyard is a cultural heritage sight and marina in English Harbor, Antigua. It is also a part of Nelson's Dockyard National Park which includes a museum and Shirley Heights. Shirley Heights was our next stop and it was absolutely beautiful. It was a lookout for sailors to see if anyone was coming. From here we could see so much of the island including the sunset!

Our last stop before dinner was Devil's Bridge, another spot where we took tons of pictures. Devil's Bridge is a natural arch in the rocks that was carved by the sea. It got its name Devil's Bridge because slaves used to commit suicide there.

We all headed to bed early because we were all very eager and excited to start our second and last day at TNK!