Study Abroad

Final Hours

January 21, 2017

It is our final hours in Antigua today! We can all agree that we do not want to go back to the snow. Most importantly we will miss the kids presence and the friendly atmosphere at T.N Kirnon. In such a short period of time the staff and especially the kids made us feel like we have been there for a week. 

We will all miss watching the kids do their morning prayer and singing before class. We will also miss them yelling "teacher, have a blessed day!" in their adorable little voices. We came to Antigua not only to teach but also to learn something new ourselves. The teachers a T.N Kirnon showed us some great techniques and strategies that we can all take back home with us. 

In our final hours in Antigua, we spent most of our time relaxing by the pool until it was time to leave for our flight. Most of us read a book, watched a movie and even took a nap because we were exhausted. At 12pmwe all started to get ready to leave for the airport. At 1pm our taxi came and we headed of to the airport. 

The flight down went pretty well, until we landed. On the way down, some of us napped, while others read or looked at pictures from the week. We got stuck on the runway for an hour when we landed! Just another small setback, but we all made it to our connecting flight just in time! 

Our flight from Newark to Logan felt like it was faster than the blink of an eye! We all crowded around the baggage claim and it all became real.. the trip was over. 

Although the trip may have been cut short, it made a colossal impact on everyone in our group. I think we can all agree that we have not only gained a new group of friends from this trip, but we also gained a whole new outlook on life and teaching.