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January 09, 2015

TN Kirnon

Today was our fourth day at the TN Kirnon school and it is sad to realize tomorrow will be our last. Our bonds with the students have been growing more and more since our week at the school has started. Before school, break time, and lunch and recess are very energetic times filled with getting to know the students. There's many sports games, hand playing games, exploring, and just getting to know the children during these free periods of time. Saying goodbye tomorrow will definitely be a difficult task after this loving, energetic, and fun week with all the students and teachers at TN Kirnon. Thankfully we got the chance to take a school photo and individual classroom photos with the students and teachers to commemorate our time here in Antigua.

Antigua students

After school we attended a parent group meeting for parents with children that have special needs. All parents on the island were invited to come and attend this meeting. It was put on by the island's assessment team who have been working together for about a year now since last February 2014. It is composed of several special education teachers around the island. Over the past year they have met, done research, reached out to communities, had several parent group meetings before, and performed assessments on students with special needs. They are beginning to move on to the next step of "what do we do now" and that was the topic of the parent group meeting tonight. The answer to "what do we do know" is looking at how to best support children with special needs. There were four general areas we discussed surrounding this topic: live, work, love, and play. We discussed what these areas were and how we can support students in life in all four areas. We looked at our own lives in relation to this and thought how we could best support others through these four areas as well. Although only a few parents were in attendance, the meeting really gave people an idea of where to start.

Antigua Group

Tomorrow we are looking forward to our final day at school (which will be sad and hard to leave all the wonderful people and kids we have gotten the privilege of meeting this week), a pot luck meal with all the teachers at TN Kirnon, and an in-service day with ourselves and the teachers and administrators of TN Kirnon.