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Study Abroad

Learning New Strategies

January 07, 2015

TN Kirnon

We are halfway through our week at the T.N. Kirnon Primary School and have learned so much. Tuesday we had a meeting with faculty members from the school and also Mr. Nickeo who is on the board of education for another region. He is the equivalent of a superintendent of a town but he is in charge of a region on the island. During our meeting we discussed strengths and weaknesses that we saw in our first two days at the school. We noticed that they need supplies such as pencils and paper. We also observed that students with visual impairments could benefit from more supports. The students are eager to learn and full of energy. We have found that they enjoy hands on activities and being able to use their creativity. One thing that we noticed is that the students don't do a lot of partner or group work.

In our last couple of days at T.N. Kirnon we will use lessons where the students can work in partners or small groups. “Think, pair, share” is a great strategy that we use in our placements at home. During this strategy students are given time to think OK their own about a question or topic. Then they turn to the person next to them and discuss their thoughts and after a few minutes they share out as a pair. This allows each child to have a chance to participate in the topic. Students are given the chance to discuss with a partner before sharing with the whole class. We will use this strategy and observe how the students react.

Betty's Hope Historical SocietyAfter our meeting we went on a bus tour of the island. We traveled the whole island and our first stop was Betty Hope Sugar Plantation. We saw abandoned buildings that are preserved and still standing. There was a windmill with an up to date gear inside that made it functional.

From there we went to Devil's Bridge which is named from the slave trade. People jumped off the bridge because they didn't want to be slaves and the bridge was names Devil's Bridge and it stuck. The views that we saw here were unbelievable.

Amanda and Emma at Devil's Bridge

Shirley HeightsOur last stop was Shirley Heights where we saw the harbor. We felt like we were on top of the world. It was a breathtaking tour and very informational. 

Adele School
Wednesday morning we toured the Adele School. This school is where students who have severe special needs go. There are four classrooms at the school and each classroom has two teachers. The students were friendly and engaged in the lessons that they were learning. They benefited from hands on learning. This trip has been one that we won't forget.