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Study Abroad

Hello from Antigua!

January 05, 2015

TN Kirnon

Today we started our week teaching at the T.N. Kirnon Primary School in St. John’s, Antigua. The school is broken up into many different buildings that all work collectively together to form a warm and welcoming learning community. We arrived on compound while the entire school was in the midst of morning prayer and announcements in the central courtyard. Each of us Lasell students were personally introduced to the entire student and faculty body followed by a sea of waves. We then took a tour of the school where each class stood up and gave us a warm welcome. Each of us then went into our assigned classrooms. We were greeted by warm welcomes from the students and the teachers shared their classroom, letting us teach right away. We were thrilled to be taking over classroom responsibilities right off the bat.

TN KirnonEach of us took something different away from their classroom experiences. Most of us noticed the little amount of supplies that the students had access to. We were also surprised by the amount of freedom that the students had to be children during non-academic times such as break and lunch. Throughout the day we also noticed the significance of religion in the children's lives. At the end of the day we were shown by the students the tree on their school grounds that they picked a fruit called dumps from. When our bus arrived we were given hugs by all the students, even ones that weren't in our designated classes.

To think that we made such an impression on these students from only being there a few hours was unbelievable. Tomorrow we will be back at the school followed by a tour of the island. We are all really excited about tomorrow and anxious of what the rest of the week at the school and on the island has in store for us!