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Study Abroad

Enjoying Antigua One Last Day

January 11, 2015

Stingray City

Saturday was our last full day on the island. We started off by going to a place where we had a chance to swim with stingrays in their natural habitat called Stingray City. We were able to hold stingrays, take pictures, and feed them as well. After getting out of the water and taking a quick boat ride back to shore, we relaxed, drank punch, and were able to look at the pictures of us out in the water.

Stingray CityUp close and personal with stingrays

After Stingray City, we went back to the Anchorage Inn to take a quick break and headed to St. John's to do some shopping with some of our Antiguan friends. We walked through the marketplace filled with local vendors and bought gifts and souvenirs. We headed back to the inn and had our last dinner that we would have on the island.

At dinner we talked about our favorite memories from the past week, which included site seeing, beaches, food, and most importantly the experiences we had at the T.N. Kirnon school. Hearing every students' stories and memories about the children we have worked with over the past week and the things we had learned was a very bittersweet discussion. It was great to talk about the amazing experience we were able to have, but it was sad at the same time to realize that it was over.

Saying goodbye to AntiguaFinally, after dinner we went out with Amber, a local and graduate of Lasell College and saw a bit of the weekend night life on the island. We also met a few of her friends and added to the list of the many great people we encountered over the week.

This week was a once in a lifetime experience that everyone that was lucky enough to be a part of will cherish for years to come. Goodbye Antigua and see you next time.