Funding Study Abroad

Home School Tuition Model
Additional Fees
$500 Non-Refundable Study Abroad Deposit and Adminitrative Fee
Tuition Exchange & Tuition Waiver Benefits

Home School Tuition Model
In order to make studying abroad accessible to all students, Lasell uses a home school tuition model for semester abroad programs. Lasell students studying abroad for a semester pay tuition, fees, room and board to Lasell, and Lasell pays the study abroad program directly. Financial aid is awarded as if the student is on campus full-time and living in residence. Institutional (Lasell) financial aid as well as state and federal aid is available on the same basis.

This approach makes the study abroad experience more easily available to all students, regardless of their family's financial position. Financial aid is provided to a majority of students at Lasell to ensure that ability to pay does not limit their educational opportunities. Because we see the study abroad experience as an integral part of the connected learning experience here at Lasell, we believe that the same principle should apply to studying abroad. Lasell follows this model in the spirit of equity and basic fairness, making it possible for studying abroad to be part of each student's college experience. 

Additional Fees
Many study abroad programs include services and excursions in their fees that would not typically be covered by Lasell tuition. In these instances, the fees are the responsibility of the student. Examples of additional fees may include but are not limited to: an application fee, a housing damage deposit, international insurance fees, optional excursion fees, visa fees, and international airfare. For more information on estimated additional fees for a specific study abroad program, please email

$500 Non-Refundable Study Abroad Deposit and Administrative Fee
Students participating in a Lasell semester study abroad program are required to make a $500 non-refundable study abroad deposit to confirm their intent to study abroad in the following semester. This deposit covers the corresponding $500 Study Abroad Administrative Fee. The Study Abroad Administrative Fee replaces deposits and other additional payments that students formerly paid directly to their study abroad program. Under the new, more transparent system, all Lasell study abroad students pay the same $500 fee, at the same time, to avoid unanticipated payments at a later date.

Upon receipt of acceptance notification from Lasell's Office of International Services, students will be given approximately 2 weeks to pay their Study Abroad Deposit. The $500 deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances, and represents a firm commitment to study abroad.

Every student receives services covered by the Study Abroad Administrative Fee, such as advising on study abroad options, advising on details related to the host institution and country, assistance with program application procedures, faculty review of courses, visa and scholarship guidance, pre-departure resource tools, pre-departure orientation, use of office resources, and transcript processing.

Tuition Exchange and Tuition Waiver Benefits 
Tuition exchange and tuition waiver benefits do not apply to any semester in which a student studies abroad.