School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences

Zane Zheng, Ph.D.


Office: Plummer

Tel: 617-243-2337



  • Ph.D., Queen’s University
  • M.A.Sc., McMaster University
  • M.Sc., Queen’s University
  • B.E., Wuhan University

PSYC101 Psychological Perspectives
MDSC203 Drugs & the Human Body
PSYC302 Biological Basis of Behavior
PSYC304 Sensation and Perception
PSYC 306 Special Topics: Perception
PSYC323 Brain Function & Dysfunction
PSYC328 Cognitive Processes

Professor Zane Zheng is a cognitive neuroscientist who joined the faculty at Lasell in 2012. His scholarly interests include exploring, by using a combination of behavioral paradigms and brain measurements, the cognitive and neural mechanisms of two remarkable human abilities: speech perception and self-awareness, with a particular focus on how these cognitive processes change as a result of natural aging. His research has won presentation/abstract awards at both regional (Southwest Ontario) and international conferences (Human Brain Mapping), and has appeared in well-respected journals including Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, NeuroImage, etc. Professor Zheng has been affiliated with Brandeis University as a Research Fellow since 2013, and selected as a Faculty Fellow at Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Chair of Ethics Committee at Lasell since 2014.

Professor Zheng is very keen on motivating and promoting student interest in meaningful research, and is currently maintaining a small research team involving 5-7 undergrads. He has won a number of internal and professional development grants to support student projects and conference presentations (one of which was awarded 2nd poster award at MGA conference), and directed many independent studies/linked-credits/honors components.

What is your teaching philosophy for Lasell courses? 

I embrace the teacher-scholar model, and integrate teaching and research both in and outside of class. I spark student curiosity and create eager learners by setting up mini-labs in the classroom during teaching and then fostering an in-depth understanding of learned knowledge through developing/expanding research ideas with students. This dual-process model of pedagogy is intellectually stimulating and rewarding to both my students and me as an instructor, because we are not just consumers of textbooks anymore - we are 'creating' textbooks based on collective involvement and efforts.

Do you have a blog/website you'd like visitors to to visit?

Do you have any publications you would like students to be made aware of?

B Boisvert, J Montepare, & Z Zheng. (2015). Age-related differences in the perception of body ownership. Proceedings of the Association for Psychological Science. (Also awarded 2nd poster award at Massachusetts Gerontology Association Annual Convention)  

J Wachutka, Z Zheng, W Alford, & A Wingfield. (2015). Enhanced pupillary response to unexpected words in speech comprehension. Proceedings of Cognitive Neuroscience Society.  

Z Zheng, K Munhall, & I Johnsrude. (2013). Perceived magnitude of the rubber-hand illusion predicts ownership of a stranger's voice. Proceedings of the Association for Psychological Science.

Z Zheng, A Vicente-Grabovetsky, E MacDonald, K Munhall, R Cusack, I Johnsrude. (2013). Multivoxel patterns reveal functionally differentiated networks underlying auditory feedback processing of speech. Journal of Neuroscience. 33: 4339-48.  

Z Zheng, E MacDonald, K Munhall, I Johnsrude. (2011). Perceiving a stranger's voice as being one's own: a 'rubber voice' illusion. PLoS One. 6:e18655.